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Fitness is for everyone. We're here to make it simple...ish. We started Simple(ish) Fitness to help everyone from the couch superstar to the carseat wrangler to the amateur tri-athlete take their next step toward lifelong health.


Phil Murray 

Hi there, my name is Phil. I like to call myself a fun-loving superstar who catches lightning in a bottle on the reg! But my friends might not be so flattering. So, let’s try again - I’m a 5’8”, medium build, blue-eyed human. They can’t argue with that, right?


Maybe my introduction should be somewhere in the middle. Hm. One more try: I tend to be quiet in new environments but have lots of opinions underneath. I find that I can be a bit of a control-freak, but am learning to let go and support others better. Sports and music are the two things that grip me (we will see if they leak into the show). I consider myself a family man and, once or twice, my wife may have accused me of being the reason our daughter is a tad spoiled…


I have spent the last 10+ years as a leader in the recreation and hospitality industry. I have always found fitness to be intimidating. I’ve certainly tried to power through and get going, never finding success. I am taking this journey with you to ask the questions we find ourselves getting stuck on. Does fitness really matter? And if so, how do I capture the benefits of fitness without flipping my life upside down? Because, you know, I really like my life.


Laundry has always been my household chore of choice. Because it makes me feel productive, but I can still watch TV or listen to podcasts while doing it. So that might be the most telling thing I can share about myself.


Brandon McDonald

I love spending time outside and being active; as a Texas native, I try to take full advantage of all the outdoor activities Oregon has to offer. If I could fish every day, I would. I’m a former All American wrestler, and for over a decade have coached high school wrestlers, the last 7 as the head coach at Lakeridge High School. I also love spending time with my wife and our (busy) toddler.

I’m focused on helping you become more comfortable and confident in how you move through life, literally. I believe in building strong habits and developing a holistic vision for what “healthy” looks like for you from all perspectives.

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